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The untainted simple reason for the perennial controversy revolving around the hilaal (the crescent moon) each year, especially on the occasion of Eidul Fitr, is the kufr attitude of dissatisfaction with the simple method commanded by the Shariah. This simple method consists of the following simple constituents:
(1)    At the end of the 29th day of the Islamic month, physically sight the crescent.
(2)    If the hilaal is not visible at the end of the 29th day, the month will be 30 days.

Besides this simple method designed by Allah Ta’ala for the Ummah, be they literate or illiterate, city dwellers or village folk, scientists or ignoramuses, and be they those who live on mountain peaks or on remote islands, denizens of the desert or of the jungles, etc., there is no third method. This Shar’i method is accessible to all and sundry without the slightest difficulty. If everyone adheres to this method of the Shariah, there will be no problem, no dispute and no controversy.
However, since people are increasingly abandoning the Shariah, they fabricate their own stupid and divisive methods which are the root of the perennial conflict and dispute surrounding the hilaal issue. Abandoning the Shariah’s principle of Rooyat (physical sighting) to substitute it with new principles such as birth of the moon and astronomical calculations, has embroiled communities in this unnecessary dispute. The argument of ‘unity’ is stupid since we see that the net result is always greater disunity. For years the modernists and the liberal molvis and sheikhs who have been stupidly howling like dogs their monotonous song of ‘unity’, have made attempts to forge an imaginary unity with their birth of the moon and astronomical calculation theories. But far from realizing their idea of ‘unity’, we witness greater disunity and discord. Whenever the Shariah is abandoned, the imperative consequence is greater disunity in the disunited Ummah.
Some votaries of Saudi Arabia claim that the Saudis do go by the sighting of the moon. While others refute this claim, we say that on the assumption that the Saudis do physically sight the moon, their announcements are not valid for Muslims living beyond their borders. The announcement of the Saudi authorities is valid for only the population of Saudi Arabia, not for others.
The very first requisite for the acceptability of an announcement of this nature is adaalat. The sighters of the moons and those who announce confirmation and declaration of Ramadhaan/Eid must be aadil.  They must be righteous/pious Muslims, not fussaaq. This first imperative condition is lacking in the government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is a conglomeration of fussaaq, fujjaar, brutal oppressors who dance according the American tune and command.
The Saudi government has pulled out the teeth of its Department of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. It has rendered its Amr Bil Ma’roof Police ineffective. American immorality is being condoned and promoted, and the Amr Bil Ma’roof Department has been stripped of its powers. It can no longer act to eradicate western immorality.
The co-ed brothel (the Jeddah university) erected by the Saudi king is off limit for the Amr Bil Ma’roof Police. Every aspect of western immorality finds free play at this haraam university with the blessing of a person who has styled himself the Custodian of the Two Holy Cities.

Hijaab is increasingly being abandoned in Saudi Arabia at the insistence of the King who himself, like a hermaphrodite recently stood in the centre of a group of three dozen women posing for photographers. Due to the king’s American policies and his subservience to the U.S.A. master, the Hijaab laws are practically being rescinded. Women are increasingly allowed to participate in public life. Ulama who protest against the haraam female-liberation policies and the erosion of the Shariah are imprisoned, silenced or threatened with dire consequences.   
Tens of thousands of Sheikhs and other citizens as well as non-citizens are today languishing in Saudi prisons. The issue of fair trials is a mirage. Stating a fact of Islam which conflicts with Saudi or U.S.A. policies is treason in Saudi Arabia. The brutal repression perpetrated by the Saudi government by orders of ‘khaadimul haramain’ (custodian of the two holy cities) is primarily at the behest of America. Reciters of the Kalimah who fall in disfavour of America are treated worse than dogs.  Yet, the Saudis grovel at the feet of even American tourists.
The list of haraam, fisq and fujoor of the Saudi authorities is long, miserable and lamentable. It is not permissible to accept the announcements pertaining to the hilaal made by such fussaaq and fujjaar as the Saudi authorities.

The Saudi king is the prime patron of the haraam, kufr  interfaith movement. Millions of dollars are contributed by the king to fund this kufr movement. Saudi Arabia also a prime conspirator with the Orientalist kuffaar enemies of Islam. The Saudis  provide huge  funding for the operation of these so-called “Islamic  Studies’ centres at  western kuffaar universities where plots to undermine Islam are hatched by the orientalist enemies of the Deen.
The treachery of the Saudi regime exceeds old bounds. To accord ‘islamic’ legitimacy to the American invasion and destruction  of Iraq, and for legitimizing the holy land of Hejaz to become a staging pad for American planes to attack Iraq, the Saudi king extracted a ‘fatwa’ of permissibility from about a dozen  of his establishment ulama. On the basis of this haraam, treacherous fatwa, the Land of Hejaz was opened up for the U.S.A. to stage is rape of Iraq.


In Ahsanul Fataawa, Vol.4, Mufti Rashid Ahmed also explains the unreliability of Saudi announcements. 
Every region should go by its own sighting. There is absolutely no need for making elaborate arrangements for receiving news of the sightings of other places. The idea of unity is hallucinatory and a ploy of shaitaan to create further disunity in this fragmented Ummah.